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The Taste of Fear (A Suspense Action Thriller & Mystery Novel) [Kindle Edition]

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“A holding thriller wrapped inside the universe of famous people and terrorism… An absolute necessity read” – Suspense Magazine

American motion picture star Scarlett Cox and her spouse, lodging big shot Salvador Brazza, head to Africa to escape and revive their feeble marriage. At the point when looted of their cash and international IDs, they look for assistance from the U.S. Government office in Dar es Salaam on the very day Al Qaeda decides to bomb it. In an eyeblink they are taken prisoner and raced over the fringe profound into the Congo, one of the last really wild places left on earth.

Fighting terrorists, lethal natural life, and savage dissidents, Scarlett and Sal must figure out how to make due in a fierce, primitive world. Also, the main individual who may have the capacity to spare them is the professional killer sent to murder them.

A Beautiful Struggle [Kindle Edition]

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Grown-up CONTENT WARNING – contains intimate moments not suitable for under 18s

Katrina Mahoney lives in Western Sydney, Australia. She has a full life going to college to study a law degree, preparing for marathons and now she is working low maintenance too. She couldn’t in any way, shape or form discover time for a relationship, particularly after her last one finished so calamitously.

At this moment she is substance concentrating on work, study and preparing while hanging out with her closest companion David Taylor, a womanizer with a kind nature that would do anything for Katrina – aside from watch her get hurt once more.

That is, until the dashing Elliot Roberts, a lesser specialist from her work, demonstrates an enthusiasm for her regardless of their office’s ‘No Dating’ strategy.

Through the Portal (Book One in the Through the Portal Trilogy) [Kindle Edition]

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At the point when Jem and Oliver inadvertently fall through an entry to a different universe just before their first year of secondary school, they rapidly find that all is not well here. The primary individual they meet, a frightening old man named Atychis, very nearly gets them murdered by a brutal, flame breathing mythical beast. They’re just barely spared when Sierra, a bashful ranch young lady from an adjacent town, utilizes unlawful enchantment to help them escape. Permitted to stay with her family while they attempt to make sense of a path back home, Jem and Oliver start to learn of enchantment and the Regime that is persecuting it.

It isn’t until the Regime murders a lady that the three children acknowledge they need to do something to prevent the Regime from assuming control totally. In the wake of being encircled for a wrongdoing they didn’t submit and exiled from the town, Jem, Oliver, and Sierra take off on an experience over this bizarre world trying to overcome the Regime. New animals and new sorts of enchantment are around every corner, except so are risks that could make them wish they were back sheltered at home.

Through the Portal is more or less 104,000 words and is the first in a set of three.

One of the remarkable attributes inside Through the Portal is the utilization of sylph, a physical appearance of enchantment that permits the client to control it anyway they need while applying negligible vitality. Sylph makes transportation accessible through sylphcycles and sylphquads, and is only one of the energizing new ideas investigated in this mysterious and complex world.